Retirement Fund Offerings

Our LSRC sponsored Funds are managed both by Independent and Sponsor appointed TrusteesRed Umbrella 5
who have many years experience in the retirement fund industry.

Isithebe Umbrella Pension & Provident Funds

  • Defined Contribution arrangements
  • Newly registered
  • No legacy issues
  • Special Rules for each Participating Employer
  • Fully flexible in respect of Retirement Benefits and Risk Strategies
  • Competitive costing

LSRC Unclaimed Benefits Pension and Provident Preservation Funds

  • Appropriate investment strategy for unclaimed benefits
  • Regular communication with previous funds and ex-employers
  • Regular advertising of unclaimed benefits
  • In house tracing resources

Stand-Alone Retirement Arrangements

We currently administer a number of stand-alone pension and provident funds on behalf of corporate clients.
These funds are both Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit arrangements.